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How To Stake Your PotCoins

Benefits of Staking:


When you stake PotCoins, the network rewards you with an annual interest rate of approximately 5%.


By staking your PotCoin your computer becomes an active node on the network, processing and relaying transactions. It not only earns you additional PotCoins but it’s also the backbone of the PotCoin network and security.


Staking your PotCoin requires the coins to be held in your desktop QT wallet. This encourages people to take control of their finances rather than leaving their private keys in the hands of third party services.

Rules you need to know:

  • Before your coins begin staking they must be held for about 8 hours in the QT wallet. Every time you send coins to another address, the 8 hour coin age resets.
  • Once your coins have staked, they will be “locked” for 240 blocks until they can be spent or staked again.
  • Once your wallet has been unlocked and is staking, it will continue to automatically stake your coins unless you lock your wallet.

How to Stake: