IntroducingPotCoin 2.0

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The new and improved PotCoin infrastructure has been incubating under careful cultivation to achieve maximum market penetration, community participation and adoption acceleration! PotCoin now provides the best of breed, bleeding edge blockchain platform combined with unparalleled industry vision, values and wisdom distinguishing our community as a leader in the global cannabis landscape!

Identifying a core chain with respectable values and robust infrastructure that can tolerate the expectations of a rapidly expanding ecosystem is a challenging endeavor. However, this is amplified significantly in the contentious cannabis industry which currently handles trillions of transactions coupled with outrageous growth prognostications. Our diligent research has proven that with Nexus under consideration, from a community and technology standpoint, there is no comparison.

Blazing Fast and Robust

Nexus has been completely developed from the ground up, designed with sustainability and on-chain scalability in mind, they aim to expedite global expansion and long-term adoption. Recent testing results proved 10k+ Transactions Per Second (TPS) is sustainable and the sharding developments will theoretically push TPS into the hundreds of thousands. This is absolutely crucial considering PotCoin’s existing partnerships, expansive plans for utility, innovations and an overflowing pipeline of prospective cooperatives.

Fortified for the Future

As regulatory uncertainty reverberates across the cannabis industry, Quantum Resistant (QR) consideration has risen in priority. Several features forge defense-in-depth protection for PotCoin against threats even in the quantum vicinity. The primary factors include replacement of static private keys with One-Time Signatures (OTS) uniquely generated for every PotCoin transaction (attack window reduction), and the auxiliary use of leading cryptography (FALCON lattice-based signatures, SABER, etc.). Additionally, PotCoin will be designed with a hybrid network model initially, enabling confidentiality and privacy while leveraging the security of the Nexus via hash injection.

Common Credentials

Signature Chains (SigChains) addresses a significant blockchain deficiency, management of private keys. Users can now login to their PotCoin wallet with a username, password, & PIN combination, providing access to all accounts, tokens, and assets. The key for each transaction is derived from the credential combination, meaning that private key storage and backups are unnecessary! This also means your new PotCoin account is entirely portable, allowing access from anywhere while custodial functions are managed dynamically.

Free Transactions and Transparent Contract Costs

No, that’s not a typo! PotCoin now offers fee-free transactions for the majority. A fee is applied if more than one transaction is sent within a 10 second period, to maintain network security. The cost of a smart contract is predictable, based on complexity of operations and is provided before execution. Therefore, the risk of failed contract executions and unpredictable costs is removed completely, as experienced with Ethereum frequently. Considering the vast amount of PotCoin business incentives, customer rewards and similar holder advantages under development, this feature is priceless!

Decentralizing the Decentralization

NXS is the native token that drives the base infrastructure, and POT is migrating to this platform as a token. Both have been mined into existence since 2014 without an ICO. PotCoin will eventually migrate to a sister model that will provide true token-based consensus, supplying incentives for securing the network, thus further decentralizing our cannabis ecosystem.

A Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is being designed based on a social stack methodology, embracing meritocracy and reinforced with mathematical regulation. This will ultimately provide PotCoin with a trustless voting infrastructure, improving participation of the community, overall equality and governance transparency.

Intuitive Wallet and Simplified Development

Elegant and intuitive are perfect words to describe the new PotCoin desktop wallet, perhaps the best in the industry. A modular design enables cannabis DApps to be installed on the wallet for true Peer-to-Peer (P2P) functionality. The Nexus mobile wallet (in beta) uniquely offers full network connectivity and User Interface (UI) customizability. It will operate as a trustless lite node, providing mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) level PotCoin devices the security and privacy of a full node, with minimal storage, memory and processor impact.

A suite of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) gives developers access to numerous ready-made functionalities to aid in the building of cannabis related smart contracts, Decentralized Applications (DApps), tokens, and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT’s, i.e. Assets). One of PotCoin’s integral features leveraging this functionality will be supply chain management, providing crucial certification and quality assurances at every stage of product development, from Seed-to-Sale (S2S).

This opens up DApp development opportunities to anyone with web-developer skills and can greatly reduce the costs and time associated with bringing a PotCoin product to market. Available on, a powerful no-code platform, Nexus and PotCoin are now the first and only blockchain plugin, which is being leveraged by aspiring projects to showcase various Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) in all market verticals.