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The PotCoin Foundation was founded to help educate our blossoming community about the PotCoin Network, POT (PotCoin’s cryptocurrency), fund development and ecosystem partners, and sponsor marketing efforts to raise awareness of PotCoin’s mission.

Until today, the PotCoin foundation was funded and supported by veteran and founding community members. Unfortunately, these generous donations aren’t sustainable nor are they enough to support the many activities, projects, and initiatives that are currently underway.

The PotCoin Foundation of the Future

With the migration to the Nexus network (learn more here), the PotCoin Foundation will be reborn, redesigned, and restructured in a way that allows it to operate sustainably and to propel PotCoin and the legal cannabis industry to success.

Why Relaunch?

PotCoin launched in a fair and equal way just like bitcoin. Unlike 98%+ of other projects, PotCoin did not raise money through an ICO so we are not sitting on mountains of bitcoin and ether from unsuspecting investors.

Governance, development, marketing, and investing in the community takes resources, which relaunching will provide us with for the sole benefit of the community and ecosystem.


The foundation will collaborate with the Nexus team to advance the development of core technologies on which the PotCoin ecosystem will run. With a robust backbone, the PotCoin community will realize the many projects we have been working on and dreaming of accomplishing someday.


The PotCoin foundation will fund researchers, developers, and other community members that are looking to strengthen the PotCoin network. Our application portal is scheduled to launch in Q4 of 2021.

Marketing Efforts

As much as we like to let our work speak for itself, the PotCoin foundation has always done a tremendous job of making PotCoin a household name. In some instances, these efforts require the support and backing of the PotCoin foundation, whether financial or human capital.

Integration & Partners

The goal of developing game-changing solutions and technologies is to help members of the global cannabis industry compete fairly in a world that works against it. Adoption by PotCoin community members and partners will require integration support, education, and other resources.


The PotCoin foundation will be structured as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Decision-making, use of funds, and development effort will be decentralized and voted on by PotCoin holders and community members.