PotCoin Turns Up Cannabis Culture Amherst Dispensary After Successful 420 Event

May 8, 2017 | PotCoin News

POTCOIN – Official Press Release – May 8, 2017

PotCoin is pleased to announce that it has secured a partnership with Cannabis Culture Amherst as merchant and coin exchange effective immediately. This major partnership is the result of an incredibly successful 4.20 rally in Montreal, Canada at Mount Royal Park. Images and a video of the event can be found below.


4.20 Rally In Numbers

  • Registered Users: 1,074
  • Potcoin Giveaway: 126,000 POT
  • T-Shirt Giveaway: 250 Shirts
  • PotWallet App Downloads: 566 (Android Only)
  • News: CBC National Television Interview
  • Value: Multiple New Strategic Partnerships

PotCoin 4/20 Shirts, Flyers, Banners

PotCoin on CBC National Television

PotCoin 4/20 Rally Booth

Cannabis Culture Amherst Adopts PotCoin

Cannabis Culture Amherst, a franchised head shop and dispensary, has started accepting PotCoin as a payment method and reward system. Customers will also be able to buy and sell PotCoins locally at its Montreal location.

PotCoin Merchant System Up and Running at Cannabis Culture Amherst

The PotCoin team is currently in talks with Cannabis Culture (nationwide) to accept and trade PotCoins at all of its 22 locations across Canada. Although nothing is confirmed, discussions are under way. 

The Cannabis Culture franchise is famously owned by Mark Emery, the Canadian cannabis activist, entrepreneur, and politician commonly known as the Prince of Pot. 

This major development is expected to be a breakthrough for PotCoin and the cannabis industry in Canada. 

Cannabis Culture Amherst’s Merchant Page can be found here.

In a continued effort to increase awareness, accessibility, and use of PotCoin, the team is actively seeking to work with strategic partners to promote, accept, buy, and sell PotCoins. For all inquiries to invest, build and promote PotCoin, contact us

PotCoin’s spring roadmap is well under way, keep posted for more exciting PotCoin news and developments.