PotCoin to Attend Montreal Cannabis Rally on 4/20

Apr 13, 2017 | PotCoin News

On April, 20th 2017 the PotCoin development team will be holding a promotional event at the 4-20 Cannabis Rally in Montreal, Canada. 

PotCoin will be giving away t-shirts, information flyers, stickers and best of all FREE PotCoins! Come visit us at our PotCoin promotional tent located in the heart of the rally. 

Register for a wallet and get your first free PotCoins. The option to purchase PotCoins will also be available. 

A total of 100,000 PotCoins will be given away to people attending the cannabis parade and festivities thorough out the day.

View on Google Maps.

PotCoin Promotional Events of the Day include:

  • 100,000 PotCoin Giveaway
  • T-Shirt, Stickers & Promo Giveaway
  • Buy PotCoins with Cash or Online
  • Video Shoot of the Event
  • PotCoin Tent and Promotional Banners
  • Booth with User Registrations, Information and Help

The PotCoin team wants to wish everyone happy 4-20 celebrations!