PotCoin Development Update – Dec 2016

Dec 2, 2016 | PotCoin News

Hello Everyone,

We wanted to give everyone a quick update of what we’ve been working on. As promised, we will make our best efforts to keep the community aware of what we are doing and working on.

We believe being the most transparent possible will yield the best possible outcome.

The Beta version launch of our PotWallet App was a great success. We thank all beta testers for their valuable feedback.

We are looking into submitting the Apps to the corresponding stores (Apple, Google, Microsoft) in early 2017.

Our team has grown to 4 full time developers as we continue to build the systems necessary to make PotCoin and PotWallet scale to high volume transactions.

We will be announcing our 100% refactored version of PotWallet in the beginning of 2017 as well. This version will include a revamped interface, new features, drastically improved scalability and security.

We are also building extensive WEB plugins and extensions to make PotCoin easily acceptable on all platforms (Magento, WordPress, Shopify, etc.).

As legalization is fast approaching in Canada, we are striving to make sure all our systems are GO to accommodate the flow of new PotCoin users and transactions.

We are currently in negotiation with many MMJ Licensed Producers in Canada in order to accept PotCoin and offer it as a reward system to their patients.

They are very excited about PotCoin and see the many benefits of a system like that for patients, producers, doctors and everyone involved in the industry.

2017 is going to be a big year for PotCoin! Many exciting news and developments to come.

Stay tuned fellow PotCoiners!!!