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Start Accepting PotCoins Today !

Whether you own a dispensary, are a licensed producer, sell cannabis related products or simply want to integrate PotCoin, setup has never been easier.

Brick & Mortar Shops

PotWallet Signup

Accept Potcoin at your physical business location using PotWallet’s merchant system. Get paid directly into your PotWallet account.

Online Shops (E-Commerce)

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Accept PotCoin on your e-commerce store using CoinPayments's easy plugins for all major platforms (Magento, WordPress, etc).

PotCoin Advantages

There are so many great reasons why you should start accepting PotCoin as a payment method, so we picked the top 6 to help you make the right decision.


Many businesses in this industry accept cash only, putting their income at risk of being seized, or stolen. It also puts your customers at risk by forcing them to carry cash to deal with you. PotCoin is digital and decentralized, so funds can be transferred seamlessly from your customer’s digital wallet to yours, keeping both you and your customer safe.


Unlike credit card payments that take days to settle into your accounts, PotCoin payments are accepted in seconds and settled right away. This ensures that you can use your free “cash” flow when you need it, not when they feel you should have it.


If your business has somehow managed to get credit card processing, you’re likely paying a hefty premium to do so. Compared to the 6-10% you’re being charged to accept credit cards, accepting PotCoin will cost you less than 1%.


There are no chargebacks with PotCoin because it’s a digital currency. Any confirmed transaction made using PotCoin is protected by the network and therefore can’t be reversed. This effectively protects the merchant from fraud, saving your business anywhere from 2-10% of your revenue, compared to standard payment options.


No need for having to deal with exchange rates because PotCoin is a global currency, so you can expand into new territories without needing multiple accounts for each currency.


Accepting PotCoin means you’re speaking to an audience who owns this coin for the purpose of using it with companies like yours. That’s the most targeted client any business could ask for.

I think it's a great system to take cash out of the storefront and make purchasing pot safer for customers and sellers alike

- Adam from Toronto -

Extra Perks

As if the above reasons weren’t enough to start right now, here are some additional resources that PotCoin provides to help ensure your success.


Your business will be included in our regular updates to the PotCoin community, letting them know who and where you are. We provide updates by email and through our social media platforms which have huge reach and keep growing daily.


Your business will get listed on our interactive map of accepted PotCoin merchants (coming soon), which will be visible not only through PotCoin.com, but several other PotCoin related sites that will provide the information to their audience.


As PotCoin gets more widely adopted, your network gets bigger. The goal is for you to accept PotCoin from customers, transact with your vendors using PotCoin, and even pay bills using PotCoin. You can even also businesses you deal with to get integrated as well.

Need Some Help?

You now have all the reasons to start accepting PotCoin and the necessary tools to allow you to start doing so right away. If you’d prefer however to have someone from the PotCoin team contact you directly to help get you started, fill out the form with as many details as possible and someone will be in touch with you shortly.