PotCoin Official 4/20 Press Release

Apr 20, 2021 | PotCoin News

4/20 is a very special holiday for many in the cannabis industry and is especially important for PotCoin and the PotCoin community. 4/20 is that one day a year where people from all over gather and share their passion for cannabis, their stories, forge friendships, and enjoy a true day of peace, love, and relaxation. 

To celebrate, we have A LOT of exciting news, including an NFT treasure hunt with over $150,000 in prizes, new desktop and mobile wallets, and the launch of PotCoin Rewards. Read on to learn more!

New Mobile & Desktop Wallets for a Smoother, Quicker, and Better PotCoin Experience

With the migration of PotCoin to the Nexus Network, one of our most exciting projects coming to life is the launch of our new and improved desktop wallets and mobile! Nexus has provided us with new desktop wallets and the ability to design our own!

Sending and receiving coins are the lifeblood of the network and making it a smooth experience will help the PotCoin economy go mainstream and incredibly easy to adopt for both users and merchants.

We’ve invested heavily in creating state-of-the-art wallets for you, the PotCoin community.

Our legacy wallets were outdated, slow, and frankly, hard to use for the average user. With that in mind, we completely redesigned the official Potcoin mobile and desktop wallets. Not only will they be blazing fast, but they will also be incredibly easy to use and intuitive.

A separate and detailed announcement will be made in the coming weeks with the official launch of the new desktop and mobile wallets.

PotCoin Rewards Platform

With the launch of our new wallets, the PotCoin team is excited to announce the launch of PotCoin Rewards, a reward and loyalty ecosystem platform for the cannabis industry.

Merchants and ecosystem partners will now be able to reward their customers, improve loyalty and incentivize customers and drive more traffic to their businesses. 

Our mission is to help the cannabis industry, both buyers and merchants, so they can have a better experience and unlock the billions of dollars of value of lost value from the laws that have always hurt us.

A separate and detailed announcement will be made in early June for the official launch of the PotCoin Rewards Beta.

PotCoin Official 4/20 NFT Treasure Hunt

This year, we are planning our biggest (virtual) event since PotCoin was founded and we’re so excited about it.  So, what is the 4/20 PotCoin NFT Treasure Hunt!?

Early next month, the PotCoin team will release the first 5 of 420 unique and rare NFTs on OpenSea and various other NFT marketplaces. Each NFT will have a secret and hidden file that will contain the keys to a PotCoin wallet containing between 1,420 and 1,000,420 PotCoins! Yes, up to ONE MILLION coins in one special NFT! That’s over $50,000 USD for one special hunter! Don’t know what an NFT is? Learn more about digital art.

More Exciting News

Every week, we’ll be announcing more details on all of these projects as well as the first cannabis community to adopt PotCoin Rewards, our first partner for our seed 2 sale system, the new PotCoin Virtual Headquarters, more developments in our partnership with Tokes & upcoming interviews! In the meantime, check out our today’s interview with @Ashton_Addison/@cryptocoinshow!

In case you missed it

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for some more exciting stuff and Happy 4/20!