4/20 Recap: Charlie Sheen Launches Sheenius & More!

Apr 22, 2018 | PotCoin News

To Everyone That Celebrated 4/20 Yesterday,

Where has the day gone! We’re certain everyone can agree – we need 4/20 to last longer than just one day! It’s the one day a year where the love is so strong, even peace on Earth could (almost) be achieved. And now on 4/20 you’ll have two massive reasons to celebrate – the world renown Weed Day, and also PotCoin’s new birthday! This day marked the beginning of a big year for PotCoin, full of exciting new milestones, ventures, relationships, technology, all designed to help us move so much closer to achieving our mission.

Here’s a recap of some of the exciting things that happened yesterday, including a very special announcement by the one and only – Charlie Sheen! Together we chose 4/20 to announce to the world that Charlie will be launching a line of THC vape pens called the Sheenius, with PotCoin referenced in every single one of his social media posts.

While we’ve been sworn to secrecy on many of the details until the official launch, what we can reveal is what’s likely obvious to everyone:

Obviously the Sheenius pen will be sold in stores. Obviously those stores will be accepting PotCoin. Obviously the Sheenius will be popular and many stores will want to carry it. Obviously we’re happy about being able to work with Charlie as an accepted method of payment for the Sheenius. Obviously!

We promise to keep you informed on the official launch and everything else related to the Sheenius as soon as we’re allowed to. In the meantime, we encourage you to follow the Sheenius Brand to get updates or sign up to Charlie’s “Winning” list.

Free Juana in Puerto Rico

We were also very happy to see a strong turnout in support of Free Juana in Puerto Rico, where our Ambassadors represented PotCoin proudly, along with our support of everything they fight so hard to achieve. Here are some of the pictures from the 4/20 Rally in Puerto Rico:

4/20 was also the day that we officially launched the Worldwide Ambassador Program! We’ve had many PotCoin supporters join already, while we continue to fine-tune the official program for global scaling. Once again, anyone interested in representing PotCoin can contact us at media@potcoin.com.

And, Hurry! Take advantage of these offers before they run out!!

While a number of merchants still working on their integrations of CoinPayments have committed to launching special promotions once ready, here are a few that have completed their integration and have created tailored promotions for this special event:

WeedCommerce.co – A marketplace for the cannabis community, offering bongs, pipes, clothing, accessories and even cannabis-related real estate opportunities! Available on their site or in the iOS App Store.

4/20 SPECIAL: Get $10 off when you pay with PotCoin! Use code: POTCOIN420

4/20 SPECIAL: Get $10 off when you pay with PotCoin! Use code: POTCOIN420

CryptoANTEG.com – Offering the latest in cryptocurrency news and signals, coupled with an e-shop that offers high quality branded crypto wear.

4/20 SPECIAL: Get 10% off when you use code: POTCOIN420 + An extra 10% off when you pay with PotCoin!

OhioCannabis.com – Ohio’s premier source for Marijuana information and design, specializing in video production, web development, graphic design, marketing and branding, not to mention as CBD-based online store.

4/20 SPECIAL: Get 20% off all CBD products when you pay with PotCoin!

Grizzly Seed Bank – The UK’s No1 most trusted seed bank, and official distributor to some of the world’s most prestigious cannabis breeders. They offer discreet, safe and guaranteed worldwide delivery.

4/20 SPECIAL: Get 20% off all orders when you pay with PotCoin! Use code: POTCOIN420 (valid until 04/21/18)


4/20 was only the beginning. We plan to keep pushing updates regularly on a variety of fronts, including development, wallets, exchanges, third party supporting platforms, and more. There’s more exciting news ahead so make sure to stay up to date on the latest news. Join our various channels – Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, subscribe to our newsletter and check back to our news section regularly.

To all PotCoin HODLERS, hope you had the best 4/20 and if you haven’t yet, celebrate PotCoin’s birthday too! Looking forward to many more great years to come!