Marijuana Farms & Families in California Need Our Help!

Oct 31, 2017 | PotCoin News

Dear PotCoiners & Supporters,

These past few weeks, you have most likely witnessed the devastation that the wildfires have inflicted on California. Here’s a terrifying look at the numbers, from just a few days ago, according to the LA Times:

  • 383 square miles, or 245000 acres burned
  • 42 people dead, hundreds still missing
  • 7700 homes and buildings destroyed
  • 100,000 people evacuated
  • 11000 firefighters called in
  • Over $1 Billion in property, cars & equipment losses

While homeowners and conventional businesses will look to their insurance companies to help cover their losses, there’s one industry that won’t…
Marijuana farms are ineligible for insurance, and what’s more, the California Growers’ Association tried to set up a crowdfund to help raise money, only to be
shut down by the processing bank who wouldn’t honor donations related to the cannabis industry.

This is exactly why PotCoin exists and why we have reached out to some of our community members to help build a special PotCoin Relief Fund. Many deposits have already come in and we’re hoping we can count on you, our community, as well! Part of our roadmap was to build a PotCoin donation fund and what better time to start than now. Here’s how you can help:

Donations are no longer accepted

There are several ways for you to get access to some PotCoin. Here are a few helpful links:

If you plan on donating without using PotCoin…

If you don’t yet have any PotCoin, you can still help by donating directly to the CalGrowers Wildlife Relief Fund, 100% of which, after processing fees, will be sent to cannabis growers who lost farms in wildfires. These people have spent their life savings getting permits and preparing for state licenses. With no possibility of getting loans, insurance, or federal recovery funds, they need PotCoin’s support more than ever!


Let’s RE-GROW Together!