Create Anything You Want with PotCoin’s Chain Explorer

Oct 13, 2017 | PotCoin News

To PotCoin Supporters & Developers,

For those of you community members who’ve inquired about building PotCoin supported products and services, it’s now easier than ever with Potsight.

What is Potsight?

Potsight is an open-source PotCoin blockchain explorer with complete REST and websocket APIs that can be used for writing web wallets and other apps that need more advanced blockchain queries than provided by potcoind RPC. You can check out the source code here with information on everything required.

Potsight project is split in two repositories: one for the API and one for the front-end. Installing the front-end will install the API as a NPM dependency. Essentially, there is now full access to the blockchain for PotCoin! Most importantly, it has a fully integrated API with capabilities for creating apps and other software that support PotCoin from wallets, rewards systems to exchanges and every other idea that you can think of.

(Comm) Unity Makes Strength

While our team is hard at work on many new developments, the strength of the community is achieved by allowing anyone who wants to create supported applications to be able to do so. This type of contribution is what defines our collective growth and is the essence of cryptocurrency. We’re excited to see what our community will contribute to help propel the mission forward. There are essential components needed but also a variety of ideas that everyone would love to see created… Let’s grow together!