PotCoin Now In 800 ATMs In Over 35 Countries

Oct 9, 2017 | PotCoin News

PotCoin Goes Global With ATM Provider General Bytes

Direct from the Hackers Congress in Prague, there was a major teaser of this important milestone for PotCoin.

Once again, the dev team continues to bring forth new methods for acquiring and redeeming PotCoin in a way that will prove extremely valuable to the ecosystem. We’re very excited to announce that this initiative is now complete and has already begun implementation.

Thanks to the help of the development team at PotWallet and General Bytes, the world’s second biggest Bitcoin ATM provider, PotCoin can now be integrated and accepted at close to 800 locations worldwide, with an estimated 1300 by the end of 2017! General Bytes only supports a handful of currencies, now yours truly will be at ATMs in over 35 different countries.

This will make it even easier for dispensaries and cannabis vendors to accept PotCoin. Customers who don’t know how to access the channels like (cryptocurrency) exchanges, now have a simple way to get their hands on PotCoin thanks to General Bytes’ growing network of ATMs. What’s more, dispensaries looking to accept PotCoin in their stores, without the need for software integration, setup, etc. have access to GB’s point of sale terminals.

A complete map of all the ATM locations can be seen below, and if you know of a place in your area with a General Bytes machine, feel free to encourage them to add PotCoin to their interface. All the ATM owners are being notified by email to add PotCoin and both teams are working hard on other initiatives that could benefit the industry… but more on that later!

This is an important step in PotCoin’s roadmap to expand globally and serve the cannabis industry, both consumers and vendors alike. By being available at close to 800 locations across 35 countries, mass adoption, use and redemption of PotCoin becomes that much easier. Between the relentless dedication of the ground team, forging relationships and strategic partnerships, and the development team’s commitment to advancements for PotCoin, the community can look forward to the beginning of an exciting trajectory for 2017 and events that will amplify in 2018.