PotCoin Goes Proof of Stake

Aug 23, 2015 | PotCoin News

PotCoin Goes POSv!

We are happy to announce the fix to POSv has finally been released.

We are currently staking on multiple Windows, Mac and Linux wallets.

We have pushed the new code and binaries.


Before updating, please take a backup of your Wallet.dat file for precautionary measures.

The simply download new binary and install over the old one. Run the new Potcoin wallet and you should be staking in no time.

We are sorry about this inconvenience. We invite all devs who want to take part in this to please do. Potcoin is an open source projects and new Git pulls are always looked and reviewed. Feel free to contribute.

We have also added to our RoadMap to setup a fully functional testnet for potcoin. Through this operation, we also have added great crypto coders to the team and they will be working with us in the long-run as well.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this update.