PotWallet Launches its Potcoin Mobile Wallet App

Dear Potcoiners,

It is with great pleasure we are officially announcing the launch of our Potcoin mobile wallets for Android and iOS.

It has been a long road with many road blocks but our development team is pushing ahead with our plan for 2017.

The PotWallet app is currently available only to Android users. You can download it directly from Google Play Store – PotWallet

We have had some setbacks with Apple as they currently do not recognize Potcoin as an accepted digital currency for the App Store. We are in constant discussion with them to get Potcoin accepted on the store in order to open up to future developments and adoption.

In the meantime, we are looking for an OTA (over-the-air) distribution solution for all iOS users. Once implemented, we will share the official link on which you can download the PotWallet App for your iOS devices.

PotWallet Mobile App Screenshots

PotWallet Login

PotWallet Transactions

PotWallet Send

PotWallet Receive










This is a great milestone for Potcoin as it facilitates adoption and makes the process of getting into Potcoin much easier. PotWallet mobile app makes Potcoin portable and easy to use and accept for merchants and customers. With our easy one-tap pay system, using Potcoin has never been easier.

Stay tuned for more major announcements for PotWallet and Potcoin. Potcoin roadmap for 2017 is being put to execution as planned.

Google Play Store - PotWallet

Apple App Store - PotWallet

PotCoin Developer Update February-March 2017

Hello PotCoin Community,

We wanted to give everyone a quick update regarding the Winter/Sprint roadmap we posted back on December 29th. As promised, we will make our best efforts to keep the community aware of what we are doing and working on.

• We have submitted the Potwallet App to the Apple stores but got denied. As per Apple’s policy, No specific reason is given but their agent hinted that PotCoin as a cryptocurrency is not yet accepted on the store. We will continue to work with Apple and their requests hoping they will eventually approve the App.

• The Android App, everything went through fine and we are adding latest patches to it and will push it live soon.

• The new updates and features for PotWallet.com are done and are being tested internally, so far no major issues have been reported, Security is the most important thing for us and we want to make sure users coins are well protected so please be patient and we will release more news once it’s ready.

• We have signed an agreement with a Licensed Producer in Canada to offer PotCoin as a reward system and to accept PotCoin as a form of payment. The LP will release the news in the coming month.

• We have also been approached by some Medical Marijuana Sites in Canada that are looking to offer PotCoin as a reward system, more news will come next month.

2017 is going to be a big year for PotCoin and PotWallet. Many exciting news and developments to come.

Stay tuned fellow PotCoiners !!!

Ex-Fortune 500 Consultant to Join PotWallet as New CTO

Montreal, October 11 2016PotWallet – the crypto currency which provides a solution to the legal marijuana industry’s banking problem – has announced that it is currently negotiating a deal with a high-profile consultant to join the venture as its new Chief Technology Officer.

The new addition to the team will be of key importance for PotWallet and Potcoin’s future development as it gets ready to handle the massive influx of transactions.

PotCoin was the most traded coin on Poloniex on Monday, the 10th of October, exceeding 11,000 BTC in volume, beating Ethereum and becoming the most traded currency after Bitcoin.

The new CTO-to-be will bring over 15 years of experience in building and maintaining high-traffic web architectures for companies across the globe. He previously occupied a number of executive positions in technology companies and consulted with several Fortune 500 companies on resolving issues of key importance. He has also led large development and technical operations teams.

PotWallet and their selectee have agreed not to disclose his identity until an official agreement has been reached.

PotCoin (www.potcoin.com) is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency which exists with the aim of becoming the standard form of payment for the legalized cannabis industry.

PotWallet (www.potwallet.com) is an international digital wallet to securely buy, sell, spend and store potcoins.


– End Press Release –