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Introducing the PotCoin Base App – the new home for PotCoin users!


We’re in the mid-stages of developing a mobile application that will provide the PotCoin network with some much needed intrinsic value. Right now we have some base pieces in place, the interactivity of the app is complete, and we’re mainly waiting on the design and some UX enhancements to be made.


We’re also in the midst of gaining legal clarity, as we want this to become a mainstream app instead of being one the many green-related projects that get shunned even though there’s an open market for it.


So this app will serve many purposes, some of which will be introduced later. 


We’ll introduce the mobile app in the next 2-3 months. It’ll be set up with test coins only at this time. BETA users will receive small rewards for reporting problems with the app in the early stages. We’ll be introducing the app in basic mode only at this time. This will include the following features: Connect With Others, Strain Lookup, Your State Laws, Get Your Green Card / Find a Doctor, Buy & Sell PotCoins, User Marketplace


The final app in basic mode will launch before the end of 2016, and premium features will start releasing throughout 2017 and up.


For those that are foreign to this market, I’ll explain a little further what each of these features will actually consist of:


Connect With Others


This is not a full-scale social networking platform. It is just a database of users that can be sorted through. It will be clean, organized, and there will be a tremendous UI for the app. We’ll have filtering options to navigate among the ‘Public’ users. You’ll be able to view basic information on their profile and you can send a message (which requires approval like Facebook now does) and you can add them as contacts on your IM list.


This will develop into a SnapChat like application within the PotCoin Base app. People will be able to share interesting photos and videos, messages ‘might’ be able to disappear, and you’ll be able to share anything from within the app (Ex. strain info page in Strain Lookup) to people on your contact list.


Strain Lookup


This is a search engine / database that works like Leafly and gives users all the information they need about every known weed strain. The purpose of this app and the content you’ll find within it speaks for itself.


Your State Laws


Given the controversy surrounding this type of app and the contents in it as marijuana becomes more legal and made more recreational, we’re going to include a state laws section. This will update as laws change; it serves the purpose of explaining what the user’s state requires from them. Once it is legal and recreational, an Uber-style weed delivery system will be established if allowed by law; we’ll be keeping up-to-date on this, and legal factors will remain an open discussion as we develop everything. 


Get Your Green Card / Find a Doctor


You can get connected with a doctor in your area that’s supportive of providing prescriptions to medical marijuana, supposing it’s legally accepted in your state. This feature might be managed in such a way that the application developers receive commission payments for setting up these interactions. We will consistently be looking at ways to provide premium services with the intent of earning small rewards — this is our own end game for the project, seeing as we’re not backing it by our own coin and maintaining any real holding. 


Buy & Sell PotCoins


Whenever you need to cash in or out, you’ll be able to do so by purchasing or selling PotCoins in this section. We’ll be looking at Shapeshift transactions, but ideally we’ll create a bot to buy/sell based on Poloniex pricing and market depth.


User Marketplace


This is the highlight feature for the basic mode release. It allows app users to exchange products with each other for PotCoins. This section of the app will be marketed as a direct competitor to the EntExchange sub-Reddit which has tons of daily activity, consisting of fellow ‘green thumbs’ trading and selling their weed-related items.


We are also considering to release a /r/trees (and similar) like Reddit-style discussion board within the app, but this is likely something we’ll preserve for when we have a large user base.


Where the future could take us …


– An Uber style weed delivery system (when allowed)

– Legal growing tips and 1-on-1 paid help with professionals (when allowed)

– Earn PotCoins, a get-paid-to app to compete with the huge money-making app market

– A My Dx device of our own (if ever possible)


You can see more on the My DX device here:


Disclaimer: We’re not coin speculators, we’re website and mobile app developers. We’ll be establishing our online presence better over time, but we wanted to introduce ourselves here first. We know the community effect is what we need to move this project forward, so we want to start becoming a part of the wonderful crypto community now instead of later!

Contributing towards the PotCoin Base project:
We’re not here to panhandle. All we ask is to talk about what we’re doing with your own network of people. This is a project well worth growing, and if you’re part of the PotCoin community it will be very beneficial to make it a success.
That said, we’re always open to accepting unsolicited donations. We realize it’s slightly more professional to just not accept any at all, but we also realize the high-cost of developing this project successfully. We have the skills necessary but certain things must be outsourced, and our team does not have the amount of free time necessary to do everything all at once.
So if you wish to make a donation of any size, you can send it to one of these two addresses:
BTC – 1G2hc4akkhMZyVvRLMvUisHFaDZgP4dodD
POT – PLU54AHsbB588b4QtnWQibksujG2MzhGYU
We’ll be storing any donations in these two wallets until they are needed. This will not be before the BETA release happens. If the project fails for any reason, we’ll refund the donations to the sending address for anyone that requests.
We will be posting to find people to contribute towards our project in the following weeks. We won’t be able to compensate for much (were already making real investments on the back-end) but we’ll try our best to always offer a bounty.
We will also have some sneak peak pics posted in the next week or so, and we’ll make sure to stay active with updating you on our development progress!
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  1. Cory
    Cory says:

    Hey is there support for the potcoin wallet downloaded from the Google app store. Downloaded Sept 2016 so I assume it’s an updated version. I have some coin lost missing from the potcoin faucet and polonieux .


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