PotCoin Upgrading Procedure


Download the new PotCoin Wallet – http://www.potcoin.com/wallets

Windows: https://github.com/potcoin/potcoin-binaries/blob/master/potcoin-
Mac: https://github.com/potcoin/potcoin-binaries/blob/master/potcoin-
Linux: https://github.com/potcoin/potcoin-binaries/blob/master/potcoin-

Please let us know if you have any troubles or questions with your upgrade. [email protected]
More exciting news and updates coming for Potcoin very shortly.



Step 1.
BACKUP YOUR WALLET. Please make sure you properly backup your wallet first in case anything goes wrong. Save a backup of your wallet.dat file in a secure location.

Step 2.
Download the NEW wallet.

Mac QT

Windows QT

Linux QT

Step 3.
Upgrading to POSv will require a chain resync for ALL wallets. We have created a bootstrap file to get up and running faster with the new wallet.
You can download the bootstrap here: http://potchain.net/posv/bootstrap.dat
You are not required to use the bootstrap.dat file, you can simply let the new wallet sync up.

Step 4.
Close your current Potcoin application if it’s running.

Step 5.
Go to the Potcoin App Data folder.

For Windows: C:/users/YOUR_USERNAME/AppData/Roaming/Potcoin

For Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/PotCoin

Delete everything in there EXCEPT for your wallet.dat file
If using the bootstrap file, place the downloaded “bootstrap.dat” in that folder as well.

Step 6.
Install the new Potcoin POSv Wallet.

Step 7.
Open the new Potcoin wallet, it should be syncing up to the network now. Wait until wallet syncs and you are ready to go.